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Childbirth Classes 

Maternity Meditation Class


Childbirth classes that cover everything from Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum, and Breastfeeding in an interactive fun class environment. Allows for connection with other new parents that are along for the journey as well. Classes are 2.5 hours and occur once a week for 5 weeks



Classes that are one on one with you and your support people. This allows for more of a specialized and intimate learning experience. This occurs over 2 hours for 2 meetings  

Seated Side Bend


Coming Soon!

Background on the Founder 

Courtney Garrison

Birth to Being started off as a small idea in the back of my head almost a decade ago when I started as a baby labor and delivery nurse. Throughout listening to all of the families I took care of, along with my own experience when it came time to have my son, one theme kept popping up. Knowing the options that they could have and understanding what was happening to them in their bodies changed the trajectory for all of their labors and created beautiful experiences. That is why I became Lamaze Certified and began to teach Childbirth classes. I hope to create a space for you and your support people to help build your confidence in yourselves and your baby.  Let us work together to help create the birth experience you want. 

Holding the Belly
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